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This is a game changer! Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and these lights make it even more magical! 

Brienne O. Smith

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Take your Christmas to another level. Light Logical have the new generation connected LED light strings, controllable via smartphone. The most advanced lighting technology at your fingertips, ready to make your decorations truly magical.

The true power of Light Logical technology lies behind its innovative Computer Vision feature. The app is able to detect the exact position of every single LED through your smartphone camera. After you are done decorating, simply snap a photo in the app to map your environment and create breathtaking effects with perfection and ease.

Our most advanced and best model to date, with up to 16 Million+ Colors LED Display

App Controlled

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connect

IP44 Weatherproof


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App Controlled

All twinkly lights can be remotely controlled by the twinkly application available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Wi-Fi Connection

Twinkly lights can be setup with your local home/office Wi-Fi so that you don't need to establish a connection every time you use twinkly.

Quick Setup

The setup is really easy and takes just a moment thanks to the Bluetooth pairing.


Twinkly products have IP44 protection which makes them perfect for both indoor and Outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to view answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to view answers to frequently asked questions.
How should I place the lights?
You can place your lights as you prefer, there is no rule! Decorate your tree, and thanks to the mapping procedure you can create a precise map of your LEDs and apply effect with the maximum impact. A good advice to obtain a good visual is to place the LEDs on the surface of the tree. Some LEDs may be hidden to the camera, worry not, the algorithm will estimate their position, allowing a precise application of the effects.
Can Light Logical strings be extended?
Yes, virtually. You can join together multiple strings with the same LED profile, thanks to the app. Find out how to create a group and apply group effects with the Join, Sync and Scene functions.
Can I use Light Logical outdoors?
All Light Logical are IP44 certified. They are weatherproof and they can resist rain and snow, but they can’t be plunged into the water. Temperatures: Generation 1: from 0 °C to 40 °C or 32°F to 104°F Generation 2: from -15 °C to 40 °C or 14°F to 104°F In any cases they should be protected from strong atmospheric agents and drastic changes in temperature/humidity. IMPORTANT NOTE: always keep the controller and the plug in a proof place, away from waters and snow. The most part can be used outdoors or in a sheltered area.
Can I remote control Light Logical?
Yes! Light Logical works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Find out how to add it to your smart home assistant and tell it to switch on, switch off and remote control color changes.
How do I connect Light Logical to my smartphone?
Light Logical connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. It can actually create its own network that you can detect on your device. If you are using it for the first time, download the Twinkly App AppStore and Google Play Store which will guide you through the procedure and help you get the best out of your smart decoration.
I can’t remember what network its connected to
If you can’t remember what network it's connected to or you forgot your wifi access credentials, you can reset it and start again from scratch the configuration procedure.
Can I install it on more than one network?
Yes, but only one Wi-Fi network at a time. To connect it to a new Wi-fi network please reset and connect to the new network through the app.
How many LEDs do I need to decorate my Christmas tree?
If you are going to decorate a Christmas tree with Light Logical, please consider that the number of LEDs suggested depends on more factors: The size of your tree, If you want to decorate only the front or 360° … And on your taste!
Can I use Twinkly without an external WiFi network or without internet access?
Yes definitely! Connecting Light Logical to a local Wi-fi network is crucial to make the most out of it, but is not strictly necessary. Light Logical will work as a stand alone product or in direct communication with your smartphone. Also will work on routers that have no internet access, this solution can be great to manage larger groups of the product on their own network (more than 5) without interference of other connected devices.
Can I share a Custom Layout?
No, but you can use the same custom Layout and Settings on another Smartphone or Tablet by accessing with the same Twinkly Account credentials. Be sure to be connected to the same Wi-fi network to which your Twinkly are connected too. How to use the same Custom Layout on another Smartphone or Tablet: Verify if you have already connected your Twinkly to your home Wi-fi network. Execute the mapping procedure to obtain a custom layout of your Twinkly. You can use the same Layout and Settings on another Smartphone or Tablet by accessing with the same Twinkly Account credentials. Be sure to be connected to the same Wi-fi network to which your Twinkly are connected too. Note: Remember you can share your Custom Twinkly Layout but not the personal Effects. This feature is not available for groups. You can share the device’s layout among multiple smartphones: just access the app with the same user and connect the phones to the same wi-fi network and then use the appropriate function. The Layout is the result of the mapping you did for your installation (you can find it in the dedicated section of your App) Remember that you can share the Layout, but not the saved effects and that this function is not available for groups.
What is your returns policy?
If you are unhappy for any reason, then we offer a No Risk, No Hassle 100% Refund Guarantee for the first 60 days of receiving your order! So you can try it for FREE If you receive your item and aren’t completely happy with it then please just send us an email along with your order ID number and information about the product you’d like to exchange or refund. Please view our full returns and exchange policy here.

Words From Our Customers


These Christmas lights are a must. Easy to set up and fun to change the designs to change the look of your Christmas tree."

Jessica Bishop


They look amazing and they blend very well into an existing Christmas Tree. Looks like they where installed from a factory even though you create the overall appearance."

Sharon Davis


Shines bright and creates an awesome atmosphere! The lights are super crisp and bright and the transition effects are very smooth. Very impressed!!!"

Samantha Jones

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Not only are the lights fun and beautiful, the seller was awesome in helping us when we had shipping and delivery problems, they made sure we got a replacement in a timely manner and we couldn't be happier!"

Jim Walters


Just put these on my tree and they are AMAZING! They are easy to use and there are lots of light pattern options. Plus there are a bunch of free patterns available for download. Very happy with this purchase! I can’t wait for family and guests to see them in action!"

Janelle Wintheiser

Tech specs



Indoor/outdoor IP44
Controller features Bluetooth, WI-Fi
Num. of lamps 250
Lamp lens type Diffused Flat Lens
Lamp diameter 4,3mm / 0.17in
Lamp spacing 8cm / 3.15in
Electric wire Black / Green Wire


Lead length 3,5m / 137,795 in
Lighted length 20 m / 787,4 in
Adater input V 120V - US 240V - EU/UK max 50/60Hz
Adapter output V 24 V (1.0A)
Warranty 1 year
Long life span Over 30000 hours
Pack dimension (20x18x8,5) cm / (7.87x7.09x3.35)’
Package includes 1 string+controller, 1 adapter, 1 quick guide